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Welcome to the official Whaling City Restoration Committee (WCRC) web site.

What began as a singular effort to refurbish the Wyland Whale Wall on Eugene O’Neill Drive in New London, CT, has become an organization dedicated to restoration of landmarks throughout New London.

Our mission is to identify and restore public works of art for the sole purpose of public enjoyment and pride in the City of New London.


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Click here to see an article about the WCRC’s refurbishment of the Nathan Hale Statute at Williams Park.

Pictures from the 2009 New London Community Festival at Williams Park, June 6, 2009,
the birthday of Nathan Hale, can be seen here.

Last Updated: Saturday, July 25, 2009

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Biochemist wins grant to build up cellular molecular probes with the capacity of measuring cholesterol levels Alejandro P. Heuck, a biochemist at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, provides received a four-12 months, $308,000 grant from the American Center Association to build up molecular probes with the capacity of measuring cholesterol amounts in the membranes of specific cells clomid25.com/clomid-vs-femara.html . Predicated on proteins produced by bacterias, the probes will become beneficial to evaluate the aftereffect of new drugs made to reduce cholesterol amounts and could potentially be utilized as a diagnostic device in human beings with atherosclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease. Continue reading

Dr Douglas Tincello.

Overactive bladder is certainly a condition where the bladder attempts to empty itself, as opposed to the patient retaining control. Symptoms include needing to pass water very night and day often, not having the ability to put off the necessity to do so, unexpected urgency to complete water and incontinence occasionally. The botulinum toxin relaxes the bladder muscles so that it cannot squeeze so difficult, and so reduces the necessity to pass water often or suddenly. It may decrease the sensation of having a complete bladder also. Dr Douglas Tincello commented: Overactive bladder is quite difficult to take care of well. Plenty of our sufferers try different tablets and pelvic flooring exercises but at least a third of these will never be better. Continue reading

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CVS no more to require ID for acetone sale generally in most states CVS is repealing a rule in most states that requires photo identification to be shown in order to purchase nail polish remover. The merchandise may be used to make methamphetamine, prompting the regulation example . CVS director of pr Mike DeAngelis told CBSNews.com in a declaration that the pharmacy won’t be requiring customers to present identification if they buy acetone products. The shops will end up being notified about the opportunity by the finish of Wednesday and it’ll take effect Thursday. CVS owns Longs Drugs stores also. Meth’s devastating effects: Before and after Side effects of using meth include paranoia, hallucinations, psychosis, death and stroke However, they shall still require IDs to get acetone products in Hawaii and iodine products in California, Hawaii and West Virginia. This guideline is in compliance with condition regulations that require retailers to keep sales records for products used in the illegal manufacturing of methamphetamine. We are committed to ensuring customer convenience while properly complying with regulations inside our business, DeAngelis said. CVS had enacted the rule last month in most of their stores in the beginning. Acetone can be used as a principal ingredient to create methamphetamine, based on the National Drug Cleverness Center. It is flammable and is a fire risk extremely. If inhaled or ingested, it could cause gastric irritation, narcosis or a coma. Iodine crystals, which are accustomed to manufacture methamphetamine also, give off a vapor that may irritate the respiratory system and the optical eyes, the National Drug Cleverness Center reported. The solid form can irritate the optical eyes and burn your skin. Iodine could cause internal irritation and damage that can result in death if consumed. The tracking of clients that purchased large levels of ingredients to create methamphetamine began in 2005, whenever a federal regulation required retailers to require IDs to ensure that visitors to purchase over-the-counter pseudoephedrine medicines. The products are usually used to combat cool, allergy and sinus illness symptoms, but can be abused to make meth. Customers are just to get 3 aloud. 6 grams of the product a day. Continue reading

A principal investigator of the scholarly study.

For make use of against late-stage melanomaMillions more bird species killed by West Nile virus than previously thoughtIn the poster demonstration on Tuesday, November 2, 2010, Anadys will present extra data from the Phase II combination study showing that the addition of ANA598 to SOC conferred benefit independent of a patient’s IL-28B genotype. In sufferers with the IL-28B genotype most attentive to SOC , ANA598 accelerated the price of achieving undetectable degrees of virus, with 82 percent of patients who received ANA598 plus SOC achieving undetectable levels by week 4, in comparison to 27 percent of individuals who received placebo plus SOC. After week 12, sufferers are to keep receiving SOC. Sufferers who achieved undetectable degrees of virus at weeks 4 and 12 were randomized to avoid all treatment at week 24 or 48. Continue reading

They found him in the most intolerable and cruel conditions.

Captive elephant abused for 50 years cries after being rescued by activists Whenever a team of 10 veterinarians and experts from Wildlife SOS along with 20 Forestry Commission officers arrived to free of charge Raju the elephant, they found him in the most intolerable and cruel conditions. The 50-year-old elephant was shackled just like a prisoner, bound in spiked chains obesity treatment . As the rescuers narrowed in, Raju’s owner was not ready to give up control, so he layered tighter chains on his elephant and started shouting loud commands to confuse Raju. Night time rescue frees elephant from 50 years of misuse The rescue occurred in the middle of the night, with more than 30 rescuers, including six police officers involved. Continue reading

A programmer of innovative diagnostic systems and technology for HIV.

‘This visit to Los Alamos calls for a complete revise on our CRADA contract, demonstration of our transfer and instrument of most design specifications for the IOBS program to Lathrop Engineering,’ commented Clayton Hardman, CEO of Biomagnetics. ‘Once Lathrop gets the required documentation, they’ll submit a spending budget and timeline of the engineering requirements for both handheld and laboratory systems of the IOBS device. That is a major part of commercializing the IOBS program.’.. Biomagnetics Diagnostics initiates miniaturization procedure for optical biosensor platform Biomagnetics Diagnostics Corp., a programmer of innovative diagnostic systems and technology for HIV, hepatitis, malaria and tuberculosis detection, and additional innovative systems, today announced it offers begun the procedure of miniaturizing the optical biosensor system created in cooperation with Los Alamos National Laboratory. Continue reading

The vaccine will be available to all Rhode Islanders who want to be vaccinated while supplies last.

CVS/pharmacy to supply H1N1 flu vaccinations at select store locations in Rhode Island CVS/pharmacy announced today that it’ll provide H1N1 flu vaccinations in select store places in Rhode Island by the end of this week. The vaccine will be available to all Rhode Islanders who want to be vaccinated while supplies last click here . CVS/pharmacy is definitely partnering with the Rhode Island Section of Health to supply vaccinations against H1N1 influenza. Related StoriesTaking guidelines to prevent, drive back fluESCMID, ESWI call for increased flu vaccination coverage amongst healthcare professionalsEnsemble versions provide accurate real-period estimates of current and impending flu activity’Our clients depend on CVS/pharmacy for their health care needs, so we are pleased to be able to make H1N1 vaccinations available at a lot more than two dozen practical CVS/pharmacy places in Rhode Island,’ stated Troyen A. Continue reading

Cervical cancer screening: an interview with Alastair Atkinson.

Therefore is reducing the need to regularly recall patients who’ve an indeterminate colposcopic final result. Additionally the DySISmap email address details are digitally stored in the on-board patient data source enabling patient referrals and longitudinal tracking. Last but not least, we are seeing that DySISmap creates a fantastic tool for educating sufferers which in turn should reduce nervousness and stress. The National Institute for Health insurance and Clinical Excellence has recently published positive diagnostics assistance regarding your product. Continue reading

Five-year grant.

Brown, University of Cape Town partner to create following generation of HIV cultural science in South Africa The general public health schools at Brown University and the University of Cape Town have released a fresh research and training partnership to create the next generation of HIV social science in South Africa. The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Kid Health and Human Development is funding the collaboration with a new $1 commander ici .9 million, five-year grant. South Africa has the largest HIV-positive populace in the world, with 6.2 million people – one in six adults – living with the virus nearly. Continue reading

Additionally known as Helps cocktails.

Co-writer Francisco I. Bastos received financing from the Oswaldo Cruz Basis.. Brazilian connection with AIDS cocktails AIDS is still an astounding global public medical condition. The World Health Corporation estimates that two million people in developing countries receive treatment referred to as HAART , additionally known as Helps cocktails. This amount represents just 25 percent of these looking for treatment in these countries. However, little is well known about the long-term costs connected with providing medicines to AIDS individuals in developing countries. Continue reading